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Our goal at LightSource Services is to bring encouragement, inspire hope and add value to your life that gives you the finances, freedom and fulfillment that you are called to. We believe we can impact those who are pursuing their God given dreams and empower you to succeed.

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The Gathering of Christian Visual Artists in DFW

Be part of a new, emerging
art community

We believe it is important to unite, support and help promote talented Christian visual artists in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. By creating an art community, we gather for fellowship, encouragement and have various events. Through art shows, gallery exhibitions and virtual exhibits, there can be greater visibility and appreciation of Christian artists and their amazing work. The Captivated Exhibition in March will be the first of many art events LightSource will host with local artists to showcase their work.

We Are One by Soichi Watanabe
Mid Summer Night’s Gathering by Laurie Justus Pace
In the Father’s Arms, Always by Ara Tirado

The New Renaissance Movement

Join us in this new Renaissance movement, an era of rebirth and renewal of God-inspired art that will impact and transform our culture from darkness to light! God, who created all things, loves us and wants the world to know and follow Him. This is an important time in history for Kingdom artists to thrive and display His creation, beauty and splendor that evokes emotions of joy and wonder that will bring glory, praise and honor to our God!

A definition of Renaissance is: a reawakening in the world of art and learning.

The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy, in the 14th century and ended in the 1700’s. During that time, there was an explosion in the arts and science, the Protestant Reformation began, and the New World was discovered.

The Renaissance was a defining period in history—a time when artistic, social, scientific, and political thought all turned in new directions. The Renaissance spirit was one of rejuvenation, enthusiasm, and experimentation. It is perhaps in art that this bold new spirit reached its sharpest formulation, in particular in the works of geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

In the Father’s Arms, Always by Ara Tirado
Illustration of Michelangelo‘s The Creation of Adam

Share Your Faith with Art …
Be the Bright Light!

We want your light to shine brightly on the earth,
and when we put all our points of light together,
the darkness-invading light grows stronger!

Share Your Faith with Art …
Be the Bright Light!

We want your light to shine brightly on the earth, and when we put all our points of light together, the darkness-invading light grows stronger!

Call For Christian Artists!

We are now accepting submissions for our upcoming curated exhibit, Captivated.

Showcasing the Creative Work of Local Artists

We are looking for inspiring individuals to feature their work!

We believe it is possible for artists to use their unique gifts, talents and skills to make the artwork that’s in their heart, live the creative life they are called to and be financially blessed doing so.

Welcome Artists of North Texas!

We want to meet you and see your beautiful artwork. We value your creativity, imagination and the unique gifts that are inside you. We celebrate Christian artists and are committed to provide opportunities to showcase and sell their work through online platforms and at local galleries.

We are looking for Christian, visual artists who would like to have their unique artwork exhibited at an art gallery in Frisco, TX in March 2021. We are proud to represent local artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators with a wide variety of artistic expression. Whether you are self-taught or have studied disciplines of art, are unknown or emerging, in mid-career or established, you have a calling and we want to help you!

Through Art…
Bring glory to God!

Support The Artistic Inspiration of DFW

We honor these Kingdom artists to thrive, prosper and be blessed to build a sustainable art business. LightSources Services values their desire to make more inspirational art that gives them the time and financial freedom to live the life they were destined to. Our goal is to facilitate and promote exhibition events that lead to sales of their unique art to the general public and to potential buyers.

Come and support the Christian artists at the Captivated Exhibition in March and consider purchasing their creative pieces for the glory of God.

Art with a Cause

Art with a Cause

LightSource Services is hosting the Captivated Exhibition event and will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales commission to a nonprofit organization, Treasured Vessels Foundation. 

In our desire to work together in helping the artists, we also believe in a united effort to help those who fight against human trafficking. It is important that we do both as acts of service and giving for a greater purpose.

Treasured Vessels Foundation in North Texas is working to end sex trafficking by providing safe communities that restore survivors of sexual exploitation to achieve their true potential. TVF is building shelters, healing hearts and restoring hope and is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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Be the light of the world

You are the light of the world.
A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

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